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  • Introducing NewBrick by Dryvit

    Simply put, NewBrick is the biggest innovation to brick. Ever. Now you can get the look of brick you want without all the weight, hassle and cost associated with the traditional clay brick. With NewBrick, you can achieve the classic look of brick, while enabling you to build more cost- and energy-efficient buildings from the […]

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  • BAILEY® RedHeader PRO™

    BAILEY® RedHeader PRO™ cuts your labour time in half Building professionals require a solution that eliminates the labour intensive and expensive field assembly of rough opening components using standard wall framing members. The new BAILEY® RedHeader PRO™ cuts on-site labour by up to 50% by reducing the number of wall framing components required to frame […]

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  • World’s Biggest Tool Belt

    It was back in 2002 when Woollatt Building Supply displayed the World’s Biggest Tool Belt on the exterior side wall in London, Ontario for the grand re-opening. Woollatt Building Supply was established in 1905 and you can see some photos of the old building from the 1950’s on our About Page. Needing a larger and […]

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  • Radon Environmental Management Corp. Partners with Holmes Approved Products

    NEWS RELEASE: TORONTO, ON (AUGUST 10, 2017) – TV Host and Contractor, Mike Holmes, and his son, Mike Holmes Jr. are pleased to announce a new partnership with Radon Environmental Management Corp. to bring urgent awareness to the leading cause of lung cancer among non-smoking Canadians that may be in your home today. The goal […]

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  • The Combination of Sound Absorption and Sound Blocking provided by Total Acoustics™

    Now, Specialty Ceilings can sound as good as they look, delivering the same noise control as classic acoustical ceilings. Total Acoustics™ performance provides the ideal combination of sound absorption and sound blocking. Sound absorption reduces noise while sound blocking keeps it from traveling into adjacent spaces. Together these attributes help you create quiet spaces. So […]

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