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Woollatt Building Supply is the largest stocking GSD (Gypsum Specialty Dealer) distributor of gypsum products in London and surrounding area. We stock product from all 3 of the major drywall suppliers: CGC, Continental Building Products, and Georgia Pacific. With drywall loads every week we can also get special order material quickly.

ABOUT CGC: For more than 100 years, CGC has built an ever-growing portfolio of groundbreaking products backed by unparalleled service. CGC Inc. is a leading marketer, manufacturer and distributor of gypsum wallboard products, interior finishing materials and suspended acoustical ceilings in Canada. CGC began in Nova Scotia, Canada in 1907. It was first known as Canadian Gypsum Company and concerned itself primarily with the quarrying and exportation of gypsum rock to the United States. Today, after decades of product development and market expansion, CGC is recognized as a key player in Canada’s dynamic building materials industry, supplying innovative wall and ceiling products to the new construction and repair and remodel markets of the residential, commercial and institutional sectors.

ABOUT CERTAINTEED – Certainteed offers a full range of reliable drywall and drywall finishing solutions that make installations faster and simpler, all while helping you keep pace with demand – no matter the size, complexity, or location of the project. Their drywall solutions are manufactured with quality and consistency, and their products are available through Woollatt Building Supply.

ABOUT GEORGIA-PACIFIC: At Georgia-Pacific Gypsum, more than 40 years of accomplishment and innovation have helped them deliver products that are durable, reliable and — for Dens® Brand products — resilient. These critical factors help meet performance expectations for long-lasting buildings. The wide array of Dens fiberglass mat panels and traditional ToughRock® panels are battle tested and known for high-quality performance. Above all, the most accurate description of these panels is strong.