DCM Announces Release of StudTek

The STUDTEK CLIPLESS Stud uses the web of the steel stud to create a structural flap during the roll-forming process that replaces the use of conventional bridging clips for curtain wall and demising wall applications. CLIPLESS studs pro-vide an economical solution vs. traditional bridging by fast-tracking the installation and eliminating the use of bridging clips, and by using only one fastener per flap.

As per CSA S136, AISI S100, CSSBI S5-2019 (The specification guide for wind bearing steel studs), it is standard practice in the industry to provide sufficient steel bridging to align members during erection and to provide the necessary struc-tural integrity during construction as well as in the completed structure. All studs must have lateral bridging at 5’-0” on center or less to provide structural integrity and prevent rotational torsional buckling.

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