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Acudor metal access door for walls
Wallboard Adjustable Stilts
Wallboard Flat Top Bench
Wallboard Rolling Scaffold
Trim Tex drywall beading
Wallboard Spongeback Sandpaper Roll
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Woollatt Building Supply stocks many other product lines including but not limited to:

  • Trim Tex Plastic Beads
  • Acudor Access Doors
  • Wallboard Trim and Tool
  • Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic

If there is something you cannot find please call one of our sales staff for assistance.

ABOUT ACUDOR PRODUCTS LTD.: ACUDOR is a company that, many years ago, got started with one model of product. Today they are an industry leader offering the broadest range of access doors on the market. They have a long history of success when it comes to solving the complex projects others may shy away from. Unique situations call for cut-above solutions in the many industries that they serve. Their evolving but complete line of superior-quality access doors for walls, ceilings, floors, ducts and roofs is complemented by the custom solutions they develop.

ABOUT TRIM-TEX DRYWALL PRODUCTS: Trim-Tex has been designing and producing the industry’s finest and most innovative line of vinyl drywall accessory products for over 45 years. Besides being economical, vinyl drywall accessories are more flexible and durable than metal and will not rust, kink or dent. Trim-Tex coined the phrase “drywall art”, which accurately describes the adaptive use of materials and accessories to enhance the standard flat and squared edged world of drywall. Drywall art can be found in a variety of forms, including decorative archways, rounded edges, and even reveal effects such as shelves and stepped ceilings. Trim-Tex doesn’t just make decorative products. Trim-Tex is the industry leader in creating products designed to solve common drywall finishing problems.

ABOUT WALLBOARD TRIM & TOOL – Established in 1997, Wallboard Trim & Tool is a national Canadian wholesale distributor of products for the drywall and finishing industry. Our extensive inventory is shipped to dealers across Canada from our two warehouses.

FIBREGLASS REINFORCED PLASTIC – Woollatt Building Supply now offers FRP (fiberglass reinforced plastic) in stock.  FRP is a durable, flexible building material and will not mold, mildew, rot or corrode.  It exhibits excellent resistance to mild chemicals and moisture.  The panels have a Class C rating for flame spread and smoke development when tested per ASTM E-84.  These panels create surfaces that deliver unsurpassed hygiene and durability for commercial environments such as restaurants and food processing plants.  Woollatt is currently stocking 4’ x 8’ pebbled (embossed) sheets in white, FRP Adhesive as well as 8’ end caps, dividers, inside/outside corners all in white.

ABOUT FRASCH Fräsch was founded with a vision to create beautiful, yet functional products that help reduce unwanted noise and elevate the acoustical properties of any space. They deliver on this vision with a wide range of custom and existing products (ceilings, walls, lights, baffles) formed from eco-friendly PET felt.