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DCM Clipless Stud
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Woollatt Building Supply deals with local steel manufacturers to provide the best service and quality of products. We have steel delivery 5 days a week. Our suppliers include Bailey Metal Products Ltd. and DCM Metal Corp. Not all supply yards offer delivery service 5 days a week.

  • Light Gauge Stud & Track
  • Heavy Gauge Stud & Track
  • Steel Clips & Accessories
  • Platinum Paper Bead

ABOUT BAILEY METAL PRODUCTS – Founded in 1950 by Sam Bailey, Bailey Metal Products Ltd. is a family owned and operated Canadian company. The Bailey Group of Companies is recognized as the industry leader, offering building solutions to both the commercial framing and drywall finishing residential markets. The BAILEY BENT TAB STUD Bridging Channel System is a new innovative and patented steel stud that eliminates the need for traditional bridging clips and reduces on-site material and labour costs. The patented design incorporates a bendable tab into the knockout of the stud. The bendable tab is bent perpendicular to the stud allowing the cold rolled channel to pass through the knockout opening. In this system, the bent tab gets attached to the bridging channel utilizing a single screw only.

ABOUT DCM METAL CORP – DCM Metal was founded in 2013 based in Toronto. They offer high quality steel framing products, trims, security mesh, and all varieties of clips. The STUDTEK CLIPLESS Stud uses the web of the steel stud to create a structural flap during the roll-forming process that replaces the use of conventional bridging clips for curtain wall and demising wall applications. CLIPLESS studs pro-vide an economical solution vs. traditional bridging by fast-tracking the installation and eliminating the use of bridging clips, and by using only one fastener per flap.