BAILEY® RedHeader PRO™

RedHeader PRO

BAILEY® RedHeader PRO™ cuts your labour time in half
Building professionals require a solution that eliminates the labour intensive and expensive field assembly of rough opening components using standard wall framing members.
The new BAILEY® RedHeader PRO™ cuts on-site labour by up to 50% by reducing the number of wall framing components required to frame windows and doors. The superior strength to weight ratio of the new system means higher performance with fewer components. The BAILEY® RedHeader PRO™ one-piece header and jamb replaces conventional boxed headers and built-up jambs which require multiple studs, tracks and screws.
BAILEY® RedHeader PRO™ Rough Opening System consists of three components:
• Header
• Jamb stud
• Header bracket

• Exterior curtain wall headers and jambs
• Interior non-load bearing headers and jambs

• Reduces assembly time by up to 50% by eliminating built-up jambs and boxed or lay-in headers
• ClarkDietrich RedHeader PRO™ header bracket with predrilled holes provides an easy connection between the header and the jamb
• Eliminates “capped” members, allowing drywall screws to drive through only one thickness of material
• Opened jamb and headers studs do not require pre-insulating prior to installation• Ready to install: Precut headers and jambs to specified lengths eliminate field cutting and reduce waste
• Offers a flush framing base that provides better quality drywall finish
• Extra long 1” return legs allow for ease of attachment
• Green building material: Makes the buildings more environmental friendly by reducing material and waste

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