Stone Products

Woollatt Building Supply is proud to be a distributor of StoneRox quality stone veneer products. StoneRox is a thin veneer manufactured stone; it is lightweight: 8-10 pounds per square foot and is made from lightweight aggregates, Portland cement, coloured pigments and a variety of admixtures.

Bradstone are leaders in manufactured stone which has been available in Canada since 1984. In that time thousands of projects have been completed including residential communities, custom homes and commercial projects.

ABOUT STONEROX: StoneRox makes building and renovation simple and affordable with beautiful, Canadian-made products that are lightweight, durable, easy to install, and able to create distinctive, individual features, inside or outside. As a privately-owned company, they promise to offer the highest quality stone veneer products, impeccable service and work with the utmost integrity as they have over the past twenty years. Their experience has earned them an outstanding reputation: they have been awarded the Greater Toronto Home Builders/UDI Association, Member of the Year in 2006, and in December 2007, were awarded The Manufacturer/Supplier of the Year by the Building Land Development.

ABOUT BRADSTONE:  Bradstone was originally created in England for the sole purpose of providing modern materials to historic and sensitive projects. Natural stone, though attractive, has become increasingly expensive for general use and this led to the search for products with the appearance of stone but with material and construction cost advantages. Bradstone products are manufactured from naturally occurring aggregates, special blends of Portland cement, premium admixtures and colouring pigments. The mix is regularly tested for consistency. In the production process, equal care is then taken to ensure that the blend of colours reflect the natural hues found within the original stone. The end result is a beautiful natural looking product which is highly authentic in appearance and used by leading designers to create homes and gardens of distinction’s products with the appearance of stone.