The Combination of Sound Absorption and Sound Blocking provided by Total Acoustics™

Now, Specialty Ceilings can sound as good as they look, delivering the same noise control as classic acoustical ceilings. Total Acoustics™ performance provides the ideal combination of sound absorption and sound blocking. Sound absorption reduces noise while sound blocking keeps it from traveling into adjacent spaces. Together these attributes help you create quiet spaces. So whether you are trying to reduce noise in concentration or focus spaces, creating collaborative environments, or working to ensure confidentiality, get total noise control and design flexibility with Total Acoustics ceiling panels.

The Truth About Sound Blocking

  • Total Acoustics™ ceilings with a CAC of 35+ tested in real-world scenarios have been proven to deliver confidential speech privacy.
  • Ceiling panels with a low CAC (<35) are unable to achieve the sound blocking that Total Acoustics™ performance offers.


Manage Office Buzz
Studies show that excessive noise at the office reduces worker effectiveness, raises stress, and lowers employee satisfaction. Today’s flexible spaces call for concentration one minute, collaboration the next. In closed plan areas, noise from open areas plus adjacent spaces can negatively affect confidentiality. Today’s open plan areas can become tomorrow’s closed plan areas making both absorption (NRC) and blocking (CAC) important for future space flexibility. Ceilings with Total Acoustics™ performance not only address quiet concentration, energetic collaboration, and speech privacy in today’s workplace, but everything in between.

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