Dryvit Launches ReVyvit

Dryvit Systems, Inc., the manufacturer of exterior insulation and finish systems in North America, announced the launch of its ReVyvit by Dryvit program to help building owners, architects and engineers harness energy savings and revitalize buildings through renovation with Dryvit’s Outsulation Systems and other energy saving retrofits.

To help lead the new initiative, Dryvit has hired Chuck Bundrick, a veteran of the EIFS and construction industry, to serve as Dryvit’s National manager of renovation and modularization. Bundrick will lead a team of Dryvit professionals that will help building owners and their design and engineering consultants address the critical issues associated with building envelope renovation, including decisions about transformation of the building exterior through the use of Dryvit’s specialty finishes such as brick, granite, stone and even metal panels. Bundrick’s team will also help identify financing options through programs like PACE and assist owners in accessing the specialized services often needed in renovations such as third-party inspectors, forensic engineers, and energy analysts.

“Dryvit has deep expertise in both transforming the look and value of buildings and maximizing energy savings from building envelope renovations,” said Dryvit Systems, Inc. CEO Mike Murphy. “Through our ReVyvit with Dryvit program, we’ll help connect the building owner with the information and experts he’ll need to develop a comprehensive renovation plan that delivers the building appearance desired with the greatest possible energy savings.”

Dyvit has seen firsthand how the savings generated by the use of its Outsulation Systems are being used to help finance major renovation projects through energy performance contracts. Energy Performance Contracting (EPC) is a form of financing for capital improvement which allows energy upgrades to be funded from the projected stream of energy cost reductions. For the Harrisburg, Pennsylvania Housing Authority, this financing vehicle made it possible for Honeywell Building Solutions to finance a significant portion of a $21 million renovation of the Jackson Tower senior housing building that had previously stalled for lack of funding. The project is slated for completion later this year.

Another factor driving increased renovations are changes to the IBC and IECC model codes and the ASHRAE Standards that have led many states to update their local building codes to require the use of continuous insulation in new construction and for renovations that exceed a certain threshold. Outsulation Systems, the leading CI systems since 1969, combine an air/water-resistive barrier, CI, a reinforced lamina and a vast array of finishes – all in a single, tested, fully warranted system.

Originally posted on Walls and Ceilings website – May 31, 2016